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TYC’s LED experienceTYC LED Head lamp
With an impressive number of tail lamp and other signaling lamp products inits range that use Light EmittingDiodes (LEDs) instead of traditional candescent bulbs, TYC has earned a huge experience in designing, engineering, developing and manufacturing LED lamps. Some years ago, TYC recognized the huge potential of these special light sources for front light applications, so new concepts for head lamp applications were developed. Now, TYC is launching its own patented LED-powered low beam module. This module will be applied first in a retrofit head lamp for the Audi A4 (type AE/B7, model years 2004-2008). Consequently, TYC is the first lighting manufacturer to sell 100% road legal LED head lamps in the independent aftermarket.

LED for low beam applications: Better than halogen or xenon
Until recently, HID/xenon systems offered the best performance in head lamp design. The advantages over halogen lamps have been honored many times. But now LEDs take over the benchmark: On top of the benefits of xenon, LED light color is more natural, there are no high-voltage circuits and the light color of the bulb does not fade due to chemical aging. Additionally, LED head lamp systems are lean and efficient: LED head lamp systems save power and guarantee a much longer lifetime compared to traditional light sources (halogen 500-1000 hrs, HID 3000 hrs, LED >10000 hrs). This lifetime easily exceeds the average vehicle lifetime.

LED Head lamp detailLED for the aftermarket – a worldwide innovation
LED head lamps have only been available since 2008 on a very few premium branded car models as a factory option. Now TYC is the first to offer similar lamps but with a unique, patented technology as a retrofit set that fits Audi models A4 (2004-2008). By using a retrofit set as a carrier of the technology, TYC is the first vehicle lighting manufacturer worldwide that brings the typical advantages of LED within reach of an enthusiastic larger public.

A very welcome bonus: LED daytime running lamp
Additionally to the LED low beam module, these lamps also incorporate an LED powered ECE homologated daytime running lamp (DRL). This DRL function is an upgrade from standard halogen head lamp units, since it has not been available from factory. The design follows the latest family look and gives the car a typical and modern brand appearance.

Easy to install, 100% road legal
The big advantage of this set is that no modifications to the car are required to meet all road approval standards (no washer system, no automatic leveling, and no computer settings changes necessary, which are all required in case of legal xenon conversion). The set is 100% compatible with halogen equipped vehicles and therefore the installation is just plug-and-play. As a result, TYC can now offer the most reliable solution for demanding drivers that want the best performance in terms of both road illumination and visibility to other traffic participants.
The set is available in 2 color versions: chrome and black colored design.


LED low beam module highlights:

  1. Modular design for future applications
  2. Fully integrated thermal management with active cooling and pre-defined air flow
  3. Fully integrated electronic control
  4. The photometric beam pattern is a composition of 3 separate beams, realized by a unique triple projector configuration
  5. The triple projector system meets ECE R112 regulation for LED low beam functions, and also allows modification to SAE or other standards
  6. The light source consists of 3 Osram Ostar? LEDs. These market leading components are specifically designed for automotive head lamp applications and are used by most OEM LED designs
  7. The beam pattern is noticeable stronger than halogen, but just below the 2000 lumen limit, so no automatic leveling system nor water washing nozzles are required for legal conversion
  8. New and largely patent protected design of photometric, electronic and thermal management systems
  9. Active cooling technology (comparable to computer industry solutions) is used to manage thermal conditions inside the standard sized lamp unit
  10. Very attractive solution for low energy consumption applications, such as electrically powered or hybrid vehicles

LED DRL highlights:

  1. 100% conform R87 regulation
  2. Fuel saving: Reduction of energy consumption (compared to low beam): more than 90% to just 13.5W
  3. Safety during daytime driving
  4. The DRL automatically switches to low brightness mode, so it also functions as the position lamp when the low beam is turned on. This way, the unique style will remain recognizable at night.
  5. Reliable OSRAM SMD LED array
  6. Matching latest designs, bringing the car’s appearance up-to-date
  7. Plug-and-play installation, only one additional wire must be installed to enable the DRL function